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Smart Tips for Choosing the Best Co-working Space or Office for Rent in Manila

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Co-working spaces are the perfect workplace for on-the-go freelancers, remote workers looking for a break from their home offices, and budding start-ups. They serve the same purpose as any office for rent in Manila, but with more amenities and flexible lease options. Find the best co-working space in BGC with these smart tips!

5 Tips to Finding a Great Co-working Space

Once you start searching for a co-working space, you’ll be surprised to find that there’s no shortage of options in the metro. Be selective. Identify, visit, and examine your potential workplaces. Keep these tips in mind to find the best co-working space for your specific needs and objectives:

  1. Pay attention to the location.

Your co-working space should be easily accessible, not only for you and your employees but also for your clients, partners, and other business visitors. Look for one that’s close to transportation terminals and other commute options. Then, consider its surrounding areas.

You’ll want a co-working space that’s near establishments that can make your work more fun and convenient. Such places include diverse convenience stores, coffee shops, banks, dining choices, shopping centers, medical facilities, and more.

  1. Do a trial run.

There’s no better way to gauge a co-working space in BGC than using it for a day. Make the most of your trial run by:

  • Talking to other co-working space users
  • Trying all available amenities, from the free beverages to the printing services
  • Examining the pantry and kitchen area
  • Observing if the space is well-maintained
  • Testing the capabilities and approach of the IT support team
  • Checking the general Internet speed

For a truly immersive trial run, try to complete work in the co-working space. Determine if the place helps you concentrate and stay motivated on your project.

  1. Establish the available amenities.

You know a co-working space is great when it offers amenities comparable to any other premium office for rent in Manila and more. Top-notch co-working spaces typically provide the following for free or for an additional fee:

  • 24-hour entry
  • Access to lounge areas
  • Access to panty or kitchen area
  • Access to a private phone
  • Coffee, tea, and other beverages
  • Conference rooms
  • Front desk services
  • Lockers and other storage facilities
  • Mail and delivery services
  • Onsite IT support
  • Parking area and services
  • Printing services
  • Stationery supplies
  1. Determine office options.

If you’re relying on a co-working space for your start-up company, there may come a time when it’s more feasible to move an office. Avoid the consequent, time-consuming search for a new workplace by choosing a co-working space that offers office rentals. Pick one that provides various options, such as:

  • Interior Office
  • Window Offices
  • Office Suites
  • Boardrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • and more
  1. Identify the brands and businesses that use that co-working space.

This is a great way to gauge a co-working space’s efficacy as a workplace. It’s a great sign if there are a ton of businesses benefiting from a co-working space’ services and amenities —more so if some of them are big-name brands.

To determine the companies that depend on a co-working space, visit the place’s official website. Look for the testimonials or community page and take note of the names mentioned.

Don’t Settle for Less When It Comes to Your Workplace

Keep these tips in mind during your search for a co-working space. Choose one that is strategically located in the metro, has a wide selection of amenities, and offers flexible BGC office solutions. Explore your options well to find the perfect workplace!

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