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Keep Your Artificial Atlanta Putting Green in Top Condition with Proper Turf Upkeep

Whether you’re a casual golfer or a competitive player, it pays to have an artificial Atlanta putting green in your backyard. It’ll allow you to play the sport anytime you want without leaving your home or paying for course time, equipment rentals, and other country club costs. Follow this upkeep guide to keep your putting green in top condition for up to 15 years of quality tee time!


How to Take Care of a Synthetic Putting Green

Watering, weeding, mowing, integrating fertilizer, and applying pest control solutions —you can take these tasks off your putting green upkeep routine once you switch to synthetic turf. Replace them with the following chores:

  • Remove debris from its surface.

Use a broom, leaf blower, or vacuum cleaner to eliminate light waste from your synthetic putting green. Keep a dust ban and trash bag handy while clean. If the debris is too big to sweep, blow off, or vacuum, pick them up by hand. Don’t drag them across the surface of your turf to avoid damaging the artificial fibers.

  • Rinse the turf.

Hose off your artificial turf in Atlanta to refresh its fibers and get rid of dirt, dust, and other tiny waste. You can also dissolve mild detergent in water and use the solution to wash your artificial grass.

  • Use upkeep tools carefully.

When using a leaf blower, make sure not to blow away the infill materials at the base of the synthetic grass mat. Exercise the same level of care when you use a vacuum cleaner. Don’t hold its nozzle too close to the grass blades to avoid sucking the infill material from the base of the grass turf.

If you plan to use a rake to remove light debris, stick to one with plastic bristles. Don’t use metal rakes as they can damage the turf.

Like with the vacuum cleaner, don’t use your hose too close to the grass surface. Make sure you are not washing away the infill by regulating the water pressure.

  • Know what you should and shouldn’t do during winter.

If your area experiences snow and your Atlanta putting green is located outside, you’ll need to know the dos and don’ts of synthetic turf care during winter.

    • Do cover your putting green with a tarp before snowfalls.
    • Don’t shovel snow off the artificial turf’s surface to avoid damaging it.
    • Do wait for spring to thaw out the snow, frost, and ice on your turf naturally.
    • Don’t try to scrape off ice from the synthetic turf.
  • Manage pet waste carefully.

Have pets? If so, your putting green will likely double as a lush, pet space. Don’t fret when your pooch does his business on the synthetic turf.

Simply pick up the solid waste, wash the soiled area with a dissolved detergent solution, then rinse thoroughly. Wash pee spots with the same solution, then hose off the area. If an unpleasant odor persists, you can spray a mixture of equal amounts of water and vinegar to neutralize it.

Enjoy Convenient Tee Time for Up to 15 Years or More

Invest in premium artificial grass in Atlanta, GA for your putting green. Not only will it emulate the ball roll quality found in golf club courses, but it’ll also feature these fantastic benefits:

  • Weather resistance
  • Dirt-free and allergen-free
  • Exceptional durability
  • Realistic looks and feels
  • Proprietary drainage
  • And more

Talk to your trusted synthetic turf installers to learn more about the amazing advantages of artificial grass.

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