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Personalize Your Backyard Putting Green in Portland with Premium Synthetic Turf

A personal putting green in Portland is every golf enthusiast’s dream. It lets you hone your strokes, practice your putts, refine your game strategies, and host competitions without leaving the comfort of your home or paying for expensive golf fees.  Best of all, you can customize it based on your golf objectives and preferences. Get creative with your course design with these ingenious ideas!


Creative Ways to Customize Your Backyard Putting Greens

Unlike the real thing, artificial grass for golf courses doesn’t require tedious upkeep and take months to grow. Just install it with the help of a synthetic turf expert, and you’ll have the green of your dreams in no time! Here are several ways to maximize the customizability of your personal course:

  1. Integrate your yard’s natural topography into the design.

Aside from the size of your putting green in Portland, your backyard can also dictate the terrain of your course. Integrate the place’s natural slopes, inclines, and terrain into the design instead of leveling them. It’s an incredibly organic way to spice up your putting green.

  1. Up the difficulty level of your course with obstacles.

Why settle for a simple strip when synthetic turf allows for the wildest customizations? Personalize and make your course more challenging simultaneously by incorporating obstacles into its design. Sand traps, water impediments, chipping areas, tee boxes, dips, and elevations are great starters.

  1. Decide on the number of holes carefully.

You can have a single-hole or a multiple-hole putting green depending on the size of your backyard. If it’s small, one hole may be the best option for optimal putting. Otherwise, scatter several holes throughout your course to add variety to your game experience.

  1. Mix various types of synthetic turf.

Since it’s not alive, you can use different kinds of synthetic grass for your putting green. Feel free to combine artificial turfs of varying hues, pile heights, and texture. Just limit your choices to artificial grass in Portland, Oregon that is specifically designed for putting greens to ensure your turf’s playability. Ask your synthetic turf installers for recommendations to refine your combinations.

  1. Use plants and décor strategically.

Aside from obstacles, you can also use trees, shrubberies, plants, and outdoor décor to spice up your synthetic greens. Use them to obscure dips and elevations or tuck them in visible but out-of-the-way locations to up your greens aesthetic appeal. You can also employ them as unconventional obstacles.

Get Creative with Your Synthetic Putting Green Installation

The sky’s the limit when it comes to synthetic putting green designs. You can mimic the layout of your favorite country club course, design your own, or let your expert installers customize your green as they see fit.

Have a dog or two? Consider investing in top-quality artificial pet turf in Portland for your green to ensure it can withstand your canine’s antics. No amount of digging and pet waste exposure can damage this tough turf. Let professional synthetic grass installers handle your installation to get your dream green in no time.

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