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The 5 Surprising Secrets of Synthetic Backyard Putting Greens in Orlando

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Master your stroke and refine your game strategies with artificial backyard putting greens in Orlando. More than just a play surface for avid golfers, they provide a beautiful, evergreen feature that comes with a lot of advantages. Upgrade your home while you perfect your putt with these amazing residential fixtures.

5 Noteworthy Traits of Artificial Putting Greens

Developments in synthetic grass creation have led to putting greens that are on par with those found at top golf courses. With these realistic putting greens, you can keep your game on-point at your own home!

Below are some key characteristics of high-quality putting green grass that few people know about:

  1. They resemble real grass surfaces.

When you are playing golf, the grass should ideally look and feel like natural grass. This is crucial not only for visual appeal but also for quality play. Even though synthetic turf is made of plastic, its design effectively mimics the natural grass of golf courses. Choose a turf type that closely resembles those in your neighborhood for a truly realistic look.

  1. They are developed by experienced installers.

Putting greens installed by a trusted artificial grass expert in Orlando are crafted to perfection. They come with features specific to your unique needs. Every bunker and sand trap integrated into the design has qualities that make it a top-notch choice for golfers of every skill level.

  1. They are durable and feature excellent longevity.

The best putting greens don’t wear out easily, even with constant exposure to foot traffic and golf club strokes. This is because they are 100% made in the USA. Synthetic putting greens are designed after sports fields that are in use up till today, so you know that they won’t break easily. Invest in a golf groundcover that you can enjoy for years.

  1. They are easy to maintain.

Unlike natural grass, you don’t have to water and mulch synthetic turf to keep it looking vibrant. Likewise, it doesn’t require regular trimming since it doesn’t grow and stays the same length. You only have to rinse and brush your artificial putting greens often to maintain its brand-new quality.

  1. They take your game to the highest level.

Since backyard putting greens in Orlando are designed for golf courses, they allow golf balls to glide with ease through their grass blades. They are even throughout, which not only minimizes the friction between the ball and the ground but also ensures that nothing interferes with the ball roll.  Practice your putts and swings as though you were at your favorite premium golf country club!

Enjoy a Great Personal Putting Green Today!

Invest in top-quality synthetic turf and secure expert artificial grass installation services in Orlando, Florida. If you have a dog or cat, get the best artificial pet turf in Orlando for a vibrant, paw-friendly surface. Strategic turf selections go a long way in upping your outdoor spaces.

Don’t settle for less than the finest turf and the best installation expert for a beautiful putting green that will level up your game and your property. Call your area’s top installer now to get started on your project!

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