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The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs Make for the Best Potty-Training Tools

Dogs are man’s best friend, that’s until they relieve themselves on your favorite couch or poop on your best shoes. When the situation demands it, the best artificial grass for dogs can become the best potty-training tool for your pooch.

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Here are a few reasons you might want to go artificial for the sake of your dog:

  • Artificial grass is toxic-free. Made out of pet-friendly material, you will not be afraid of having your pet chew on your lawn.
  • Artificial grass is easy to clean. It is easily disinfected using pet-friendly chemicals that wash off the waste effectively. Not to mention that because of the absence of actual soil, playtime with your pooch will be less filthy.
  • Artificial grass is bug-free. Your dog is safe to play and roll around your lawn as there is no danger of getting bites from nasty insects and bugs.
  • Artificial grass looks good all year-round. Because of its strength and durability, artificial grass is perfect in attracting your pet to do its business as it retains its luster throughout the year!

Convinced? Now let’s go on training!

What you need:

  • Treats. You will reward your pet for a job well done.
  • Leash. This will gently guide your pet to the artificial grass.
  • Artificial grass. Premium synthetic grass in Dallas made out of top-quality material that is entirely pet-friendly.
  • Lots of time and patience. You will need these in abundance as this skill is not quickly learned.

What to do:

  1. Choose a spot for your dog.

    It should be linoleum, hardwood floor, cement, just not carpet. If you do not have a spot like these then install the best artificial grass for dogs. The essential thing is once you have chosen a spot, stay with it. Moving it around will only confuse your dog.

  2. Understand it will not be that simple.

    Do not expect that just because your dog knows that natural grass is the place where he needs to do his business, he will immediately know how to do his business on your newly installed artificial grass. Likely, he won’t, and that brings us to Step 3.

  3. Potty training activates.

    Whether or not your pet needs to do his business, you will need to guide him to your artificial turf. Keep a leash on him and gently guide him to the spot every 30 minutes or so. When he does his business on the grass, praise him, and reward him with a treat.

  4. See if you can take the leash off.

    Take your dog’s leash off and let him roam free. Watch where he goes potty. If he chooses your artificial turf, reward him. If not, put the leash back on until he does.

  5. Rinse and repeat.

    Now, this would be kind of literal since you would need to clean the artificial grass every time your dog successfully goes potty on it. Remember, repeat these steps and reward him each time he does it right!

Start the Training NOW!

Do yourself and your dog a favor and install artificial turf in Dallas now! Start training your pooch and discover what else you can do with artificial grass for dogs!

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