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Top 3 Considerations in Replacing Old Artificial Grass near Stockton with a New Turf

Artificial grass turf installation

Planning to replace your old artificial grass near Stockton with a new one? Whether it is for residential or commercial purpose, it is essential to take a step back before spending your bucks. Known for its relatively higher installation and starting cost, getting or replacing artificial grass is a serious investment. Keep these things in mind when replacing your old turf.

What are the key considerations in buying a turf replacement?

Different synthetic grass types are available in the market. To provide the highest quality synthetic turf products, artificial grass manufacturers continually modify their product designs based on client feedback and industry standard.

From the first-generation type launched by Monsanto in 1960s, synthetic grass today is already in the fourth generation, at the very least. It is therefore necessary that you consider the following factors to find the turf that fits your needs and requirement.


Consider your usual activity on your old artificial lawn. Do you often host parties on your backyard lawn? Maybe your kids and pets love to play and run around the yard? Determining the purpose of your lawn is critical in choosing the appropriate turf type.

For instance, sports enthusiasts who’d like to have a playing field at home may choose from a broad spectrum of turf types. Long-piled turf is recommended for homeowners who like to play soccer. If you’re looking to hone your golfing skills, on the other hand, choose the best putting greens in Stockton that can accommodate all your golf requirements.


Another consideration is the cost-effectiveness of your previous turf investment. It is possible that the old turf you had was utilized less than expected? If so, reflect on whether or not it is wiser and more cost-effective to rent. This is true, especially for some commercial establishments.

However, if you’re looking to have a permanent green at home, then it is best to install artificial grass near Stockton. The upfront cost of turf installation may seem overwhelming, but it’s well worth your investment. Artificial grass is backed by up to 15 years of warranty so you can enjoy a lush, green backyard for years to come!


Synthetic grass is specially designed to withstand the elements and hold a high volume of foot traffic. However, turf products may vary in size, texture, and color, depending on your lawn requirement. To ensure that you get the appropriate grass product for your lawn project, be sure to consult with your local turf supplier and installer beforehand.

What to do with the old turf?

Do not let your old artificial turf go to waste. Maximize the use of synthetic grass even beyond its warranty coverage!

It has been known that the use of artificial grass has its pros and cons when it comes to the environmental aspect. Among its advantages include lower maintenance and reduced fuel and water consumption. However, despite these advantages, criticisms concerning its environmental impacts like adding waste products in the landfill are being thrown to artificial grass.

To reduce such effects and to be responsible turf owners, bring your old artificial turf to the recyclers of artificial grass near Stockton. This is true, especially for commercial or even sports establishments that use artificial grass.

According to a study cited by Western Australia’s Department of Government, Sport and Culture Industries in one of their reports, a soccer pitch artificial grass uses roughly 27,000 recycled tires. So, before buying that next artificial turf, take some time to give back for the carbon dioxide that was not sequestered by the old synthetic grass.

Keep in Touch with Your Local Turf Installer Today!

The method of artificial grass installation for dogs in Stockton is a critical factor in its sustainability, durability, and ease of usage. Hence, partner with a trusted turf installer near Stockton for better results.

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