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Top Considerations for Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf Installation in Denver, CO

Thanks to technological advancements, artificial turf installation in Denver, CO, particularly in pet daycares and dog parks, is now becoming more popular. Synthetic grass rises as a beneficial alternative to real lawns because of its dirt- and chemical-free nature, making the perfect play surface for your beloved pets.

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What Makes Artificial Grass Pet-Friendly?

Before you install synthetic turf, make sure that it is safe and comfortable for your pets. In addition, choose turf products that require little to no maintenance, to save you from all the upkeep hassle. Keep in mind the following characteristics of a pet-friendly artificial grass for your next lawn project:

1. Grass length

For a comfortable artificial turf installation in Denver, CO, consider the pile height or the length of the grass blade. The ideal pile height, according to experienced artificial grass installers, are one to two inches. The shorter the blades, the easier it is to maintain it, especially if you installed it for your dogs who love to run and roll around all-day.

2. Grass thickness

Another thing to consider in finding a pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Denver is the thickness of grass or the pile density. The recommended pile density is at least 65 oz, with over 16,000 stitches per square meter. If your dog loves to dig and run, then the thicker the grass is, the better. The higher the density of the pile is, the greater the ability of the turf to withstand high volume of foot traffic. Thicker piles will also give that soft and comfortable surface where your pets can lie down and roll on.

3. Installation

Installation of synthetic grass also matters if you have pets. You have to make sure that the drainage is properly set up so that cleaning up their urine and cleaning up using water will not be that challenging. If the drainage is not well-installed, it may cause the turf to accumulate dirt and smell. The edges should also be fastened tight enough. Remember that your pets have no idea whether they are in a natural or an artificial lawn. This is why they will still try to dig it and you have to make sure that your turf can stand it.

4. Materials Used for the infill

Lastly, the materials used for the infill of the artificial lawn should be considered. Sand and sand mixtures are commonly used as infill. A truly pet-friendly synthetic grass does not use particles in the infill that could be harmful for your pets. Other manufacturers even use anti-microbial granules as infill.

Pet- and Owner-friendly above Everything

The best synthetic turf in Denver is not just the most pet-friendly one. The greatest one is also owner-friendly. It will not only make tending to your pets a lot easier, but it will also be a low maintenance investment. A good artificial turf for your pets is easy to clean and keep. It is not easily discolored and stained and it is durable enough. Do not forget that the only artificial grass worth your investment and best for your pets is the one that is not only pet-friendly but also owner-friendly.

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